Overview of Voices for Safety Lessons

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Dear Parent/Caregiver,

Voices for Safety is a child safety program offered by Maricopa County Head Start. Dr. Judy Krysik, a professor at the Arizona State University School of Social Work developed the program specifically for preschool children and their parents and caregivers. The program was designed to be taught by Head Start teachers over 14 lessons of approximately 15-minutes each. The lessons address safety factors (including developing a positive sense of self, learning basic personal information, family safety planning, and the importance of identifying safe adults) and risk factors (including respecting private body parts, positive communication, and children’s basic needs to be healthy and safe). Each lesson teaches children important safety skills and knowledge through fun activities such as singing, drawing, story time, and discussion. Following each lesson, a letter is sent home to the parent/caretaker with important information including what the child learned that day, tips for adults on how to keep children safe, and suggested activities that can be completed with children at home. Parents and caregivers can find information on additional child safety-related topics on the program’s web site, including for example what to consider when selecting child care, how to manage stress, discipline, etc., and are invited to request information on other child safety-related topics.

Voices for Safety recognizes that child safety can be a difficult topic to discuss and tries to help by giving parents, caregivers, and teachers, information and language that they can use when speaking with children and others. Unfortunately, child abuse, neglect, and bullying happen all too often to girls and boys of all ages and from all backgrounds, and can have negative, lifelong effects. Voices for Safety is designed to increase child safety through education, skill building, and by promoting an increase in safety-related communication between adults and children. The Voices for Safety program is voluntary, meaning that parents and caregivers must give their permission through a signed parent/caregiver permission letter that will be sent home with their child in order for their child to participate.

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